Pet Wellness Program

North Collier Animal Clinic offers a progressive new approach to veterinary care. Our Wellness Program embraces a focus on preventative medicine based on the specific life-stage of your pet. Each patient is assessed individually based on factors such as species, breed, age, exposure and environmental challenges. Next we offer recommendations for illness prevention, nutrition, and diagnostic work-ups appropriate for your pet and your situation.

Our goal is to educate our clients on the procedures and medications especially beneficial for your pet. This allows us to be more flexible with our recommendations, and gives you more control of your pets' healthcare.

North Collier Animal Clinic's Wellness Program offers an emphasis on the annual and semi-annual health examinations. Each year when your pet comes in he or she will receive a comprehensive physical exam and age appropriate ancillary diagnostics (such as blood pressure screening, parasite tests and blood work) to screen for early signs of disease. The semi-annual exam gives the benefit of early detection of issues from exposure. This exam is recommended for the pets who are more active in the community; pets who frequent the groomer or dog parks. It is also a recommendation to senior pets since they age much faster than we do!

Please contact us to schedule your pet's appointment to discuss what Wellness Programs from North Collier Animal Clinic are right for your pet.

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