Twilight Dentistry

Professional dental scaling, or hand scaling as we like to call it, includes scaling the surfaces of the teeth. This is then followed by a through wiping of the oral cavity and finally dental polishing.  The dental scaling procedure consists of scraping the tooth surfaces to remove the tartar build up where periodontal disease is most active. The removal of this harmful tartar allows the gums to heal and come back to healthy tissue. This procedure is done more commonly on a young dog or cat with mild buildup who is not quite ready for a full dental requiring anesthetics. This can help us prolong the time between full dental cleanings and reduce the amount of times under anesthetics. This procedure is not right for every pet!! Some just will not smile big for us and sometimes full anesthetics are necessary. If this tartar is not removed it gives bacteria a straight shot into the blood stream and goes directly to the heart. Many dogs develop heart problems later in life due to the bacteria in their mouth. We can help prevent having to give our dogs expensive heart medications if we just take care of their teeth!


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