Ultrasonic Densistry

Ultrasonic dental instruments have been used in human dentistry since the 1950's. The vibrations of the ultrasonic scalier remove plaque deposits from the hard tissues of the tooth. This enables the soft tissues of the gum line to return to normal healthy tissue. The ultrasonic vibrations are generated in a thin metal probe that water flows around the probe to keep it cool. It has been noted that approximately 50% of dogs and cats over the age of 5 years have at least one painful dental problem. Back when our pets were wild animals, they were programmed to not show signs of weakness. This is still ingrained in them today thus they usually don't display any symptoms of pain and discomfort to their owners. If this tartar is not removed it gives bacteria a straight shot into the blood stream and goes directly to the heart. Many dogs develop heart problems later in life due to the bacteria in their mouth. We can help prevent having to give our dogs expensive heart medications if we just take care of their teeth! Click here to see more before and after pictures!!!

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